2014 Han River Sprint Aquathlon

17 August 2014 | Seoul, South Korea |  Sprint Aquathlon (1st)


It’s 27 Celsius, 90% Humidity with a light rain.  All we have to do is swim 750 meters in the Han River and run 5km out and back along the Han river path. Sounds easy enough? We did this race for the first time in 2013, compared to last year the race went smoothly.

This year we registered through the event website since they had an English version. We chose course B and paid each 50.000KRW (about $50).

Other race options provided:

A course: Swim 1.5Km + Run 10Km : 60,000 won
B course: Swim 750m + Run 5Km : 50,000 won
C course: Swim 1.5Km + Run 1Km : 60,000 won
















The location of the Aquathlon is close to the Jamsillaru Station Exit 3. For convenience we took the car and parked right at the event location. Parking at the Han river on Sundays is free! On this photo you can see the Olympic stadium.

















A little live music while everyone is waiting for the last athletes to complete the race.
















I swam 18:27min. My watch is showing a 1km swim, and not 750m and I didn’t turn off the watch until I was out of transition.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.08.03 AM


I ran 5km in 26min. not my best time, but after a long swim that’s all I had.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 11.09.16 AM


10550848_10152395387683477_6557734623574844445_n 10603357_10152395387623477_498132340379532678_n








To my surprise I was the second racer out the water and on the run within the first 500 meters I passes a lady running quite slow. At this point I still didn’t know that I was the first woman.  While running to the turn around point the Volunteer Guide was telling me I’m first! At this point I’m under pressure and I’m trying to run the last 2.5km as fast as I can. I 1st place for overall female….I was so happy, since it was unexpected.

10580225_10152395387573477_23775605489675438_n      10625008_10152395388753477_5619550954472876134_n 10534734_10152395388778477_2332534150261666704_n