Seoul Fortress (Seoul Wall)

4 January 2015 | Seoul Fortress | Trail/City Running | 20km – 3:39 Hours

Just when I thought we had seen all the trails in and around Seoul there was one that topped them all. The Seoul Fortress run which was around 20 kilometers and traces the original city wall of Seoul. A quick look at wikipedia will provide you with some very good history regarding the wall.

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I have muscle cramps…

I have muscle cramps… I know that seems like a fairly general statement to make but trust me when I tell you that underneath that statement is plenty of frustration. I’ve done four marathons and out of the four muscle cramps affected my ability to finish strongly in two. I’ve encountered severe cramping within the last 5-7 km of finishing the race.

orig-SMAT2457 copy
@Singapore Marathon 2013

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