2014 Camp Humphreys Sprint Triathlon [Reverse]

30 August 2014 | Pyeongtaek, South Korea |  Reverse Sprint Triathlon

10600410_10152434459753477_7331792678932531310_nThis event is sponsored by the Camp Humphreys US Base near Pyeongtaek, South Korea. It’s about 80km south of Seoul. Sounds like a nice short drive, but coming back with traffic the 80km takes about 2-3 hours if you are lucky.

The Event is a reverse sprint triathlon: You run the 5km out and back by the Airfield, then you bike 20km out and back twice by the Airfield and then you swim 400m in the outdoor pool. All this in brutal heat at 30 Celsius and 98% Humidity.

You can either pre-register or show up in the morning and participate. You need to have base access or know someone who has one to sign you in.

1620912_10152425366728477_6576684021352684386_n 10509492_10152425366733477_4793034773649535715_n Preparing for the Sprint race




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Jacky’s Time

This Year 2014 [Reversed] |Start 8:02:53 Finish 9:28:01 Total Time 1:25:09

(6th Women, 5th AG)

Last Year 2013 [Regular] | Start 8:15:42 Finish 9:43:54 Total Time 1:28:13

(6th Women, 4th AG)


Sam’s Time

This Year 2014 [Reversed]| Start 8:02:53 Finish 9:38:19 Total Time 1:35:27

Last Year 2013 [Regular] | Start 8:15:17 Finish 9:55:55 Total Time 1:40:38


Photos by: Jihwa & USAG Humphreys Event Photographer