Seoul Trail Course #8

27 November 2014 | Seoul Trail | Trail Running | 34.5km – 6:58 Hours

It’s Thanksgiving and we decided to meet up with a few running friends and go for a Trail run. Course 8 is about 34km long, we planned to do about 17km.



Course 8 goes along the outskirts of Bukhansan national park. Part 1 was 18.3km – 3:39 Hours

There was only one “Seoul Trail” sign, after that you need to follow the “Bukhansan Dulegil”



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IMG_4273 IMG_4275


13 December 2014  | Course 8 Part 2 Update | 13.2km – 3:09 Hours

Today we finally finished Course 8, we had two more stamps to go.  It was an early start 9am, we took the subway and then the bus to get to our starting point. After running for 1 hour in right direction (but we thought it was the wrong direction) we turn around and ran the other direction for another hour (which was the wrong direction). We that went back to the Information center and with a little English the lady helped us figure out where we are. After approx. 8km we were tired and cold, so we took a little break and got some hot coffee and potpie. We didn’t want to quit so we made a new plan. We took the train to the end of Course 8 and started running counterclockwise (from the end to the beginning). This was the only way we could figure out to run the path without getting lost. And at -6C I was pretty happy we did that. Knowing that we are running in the right direction, the trail run with a little ice and snow has become a lot more of fun.


Bus ride
Bukhansan Dulegil (Ui-dong)

IMG_4668IMG_4669 IMG_4676 IMG_4675 IMG_4731 IMG_4749IMG_4732 IMG_4724 IMG_4753 IMG_4760

Near the entrance to the National Park, you can find everything from hiking gear to food.

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