Oh Medal Rack

It’s time of the year again where we look back at our medals and order a new Medal rack.

DSC_9390 copy

We planned 20 races this year, but we did a total of 19 races.  Out of these races we received 14 Medals, 1 Patch , 3 races didn’t have medals, but they gave out T-shirts and one race Austin Half Marathon “Shadow Run” we were too slow to get the medal, by the time we finished at two hours and some few minutes they ran out of medals. One race we showed up, traveled 5 hours by Bus with other Triathletes to get there, got a hotel room, did the Triathlon bike check in and pre-swim and due to a Hurricane warning the race was cancelled that night. The next day the sky was clear and the weather was perfect…..Oh well, it was still was a nice trip.

Some people don’t like medals, it doesn’t mean anything to them. Some people donate them. We however love our medals! Everyone of them means something to us. Yes they are in chronological order of date of award from right to left. Each year we collect the current year on these Medal racks:

Jacky’s                                          Sam’s

DSC_9366  DSC_9367

When the year is coming to an end or we did our last race for the year we transfer the medals to a bigger rack. We already placed a custom order through Allied Medal Displays for our 2014/15 Medal rack. I designed a “Seoul Cityscape” from scratch with all our favorite Buildings in Seoul and a mini-me version of Sam and I, swimming, cycling and running.


2013 Medals (48 Medals total / 24 Medals each) DSC_9374


2012 Medals (28 Medals total / 14 Medals each) DSC_9373( I received the “Best 2012 Spirit” from our running club at the End of the year Banquet)


All important Medals we had framed like our “first Marathon”. I framed our Berlin Marathon medals from this year myself!DSC_9358

And anything that we won like plaques and certificated we put here:


And our Bib numbers go here